Buying a house requires a lot of planning and of course, money. Cash you have on hand which means your life savings, or money…

Buying a house requires a lot of planning and of course, money.

Cash you have on hand which means your life savings, or money you have on credit, a huge loan.

A rash decision can cost you your money; you may end up owning a dud instead of your dream home. 

You may end up undervaluing your own home, by tens of thousands through selling yourself, resulting in a false economy of savings.

So, it is wise to get expert advice from an industry expert. And who’s better to give customers market guidance than a real estate agent?

A real estate agent worth his or her salt, should know what’s up and about, what’s exactly going on in their market and their area. Who’s selling what? For how much? And who’s buying from who? 

A real estate expert makes their money from a percent of the sale of a house or property. This is no secret, that industry fact is quite transparent and known. 

So does that make the home more expensive?

The agent’s commission should always be worth or equal to the service they offer.

That said, there’s a lot of work that goes on in the buying and selling of houses. Fact is, it’s a lot of hard work.

There’s the legwork (viewing, appraising, selling, financing) and there’s the paperwork (permits, contracts, compliance form, deeds, etc).

Real estate agents do more than just show people a bunch of homes. They can represent your best interest and negotiate the best price on your behalf. With an agent by your side, you’re not coming in blind, they can update you on current market conditions and ensure the best value is achieved for your home.

Sure you can deal directly with the buyer, go DIY, but with so much of your financing at stake and with no market knowledge – would you risk it?

While some prospective sellers think the extra amount is better saved for other purposes, others think they can actually save more if they go to a real estate agent.

Real Estate Agents are Transaction Experts

Real estate agents are licensed experts. They had to undergo training, a lot of studying and exams related to real estate regulations in order to be approved to sell real estate. They’re also required to keep their license active where they intend to practice their profession. They understand the ‘legalese’ which means what’s included in the contracts you’re signing. This includes the extent of your offer and the details of your financing in place.

Real Estate Agents can Negotiate a Good Price

Hiring a great real estate agent is crucial when you’re thinking of selling your house. They prep you for any situation land provide expert guidance, and on your behalf negotiate a good price when selling.

A good real estate agent will look out for you, they’ve done their homework and their market comparisons. As an expert who handles a lot of transactions per year, a real estate agent knows when to hold out or lock in a deal

Real Estate Agents are familiar with local laws and zoning regulations

Without Land Use Laws and zoning variances, there would be total anarchy in the residential and commercial districts. These zoning laws are put in place for the overall good of the community. These laws dictate how a property can be used in geographic areas; this includes the maximum height and coverage of building structures and homes.

If the buyer does not have enough knowledge about these regulations, then you might end up buying the wrong house for the wrong purpose. 

A real estate agent can update you of all the local zoning ordinances you need to be aware of.  This can range from big or small regulations such as fence perimeter height, garage size, garden shed height and even the house paint color.

So with an agent, the buyer saves time knowing all of this information beforehand and best of all, you get to avoid any rookie mistakes when it comes to buying or selling your property


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