Selling your home is never easy. There’s so much at stake, both financially and emotionally. It’s natural for you as a property owner to…

Selling your home is never easy.

There’s so much at stake, both financially and emotionally. It’s natural for you as a property owner to approach selling cautiously and with a critical eye. As a homeowner it’s worth questioning why there are so many hurdles and challenges just to get your property seen.

The best way to have a great experience selling your home is to partner with a professional real estate firm. The right firm should guide you every step of the way without taking over the driver’s seat. They should inform you and offer you strategic advice, but not overwhelm you.

A competent real estate firm in Whangarei will know just who to target and what would possibly win a buyer’s heart. What images will best attract the best buyers for your home? Which sale tactic is going to achieve the best results? Is your buyer going to love the nightlife or the wildlife? Or the kid-friendly garden? Your agent will also reach out to personal contacts and real estate networks to see who’s looking for a home like yours. This is typically less important as lets face it, those who are seeking a home will find it – if the marketing is done correctly. – And, you can very much bet they’ll showcase your home online, to achieve the best result.

One thing is certain, though, you need a real estate partner who knows the Whangarei neighborhood, the market, and the process. Who can advise you when to sell or hold because there is so much more to just selling bricks and a parcel of land. This is about selling a property that has been part of your life for possibly a great number of years, and certainly a valuable asset. When you sell we want you to get the best deal possible, so you can – through the outcome of the sale- secure your dream. Whether that is downsizing, extending, upgrading or simply releasing capital.

There are stronger and more competitive markets in which to sell, Whangarei is no exception. But to sell your home, it’s less about the market conditions, instead it’s about the choices you make for your home to be seen by potential buyers. So what are you or your agent doing within the market? Remember, the easy route to selling is simply doing nothing, and that will not move things forward with your home. You need a partner that will push for your home to be sold, but not sold at any cost.

What we can do is give you great feedback, a realistic appraisal of your home and the Whangarei market knowledge we hold to help bring the right buyer to your door.

With Uber Real Estate NZ, our real estate signs often showcase the property not the agent. We take a team-based approach to get the best outcome; we don’t flaunt faces, when we do business it’s always about the home. Do you want your home attracting the attention of those passing your neighbourhood or those passing to note the face of the agent?


We’re upfront about our methods – Uber Real Estate includes marketing within its fees.


Uber Real Estate NZ salespersons wear many different hats throughout the house sale process and will go the extra mile to ensure your property needs are met. As the foremost real estate agency in Whangarei, we are here to provide you with the assurance of honest service and an intimate familiarity with the area. We are very responsive, taking care of every detail of the engagement. 

Looking for real estate agents Whangarei? Go for a trusted real estate firm that knows Auckland and Whangarei inside out. Get in touch with us at Uber Real Estate. Call the owner Danny – 022 045 3613

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