Whangarei Real Estate: How to Prepare your Home for a Sale


Selling a house is a lot of hard work. It is, after all, your hard-earned investment and to sell it requires upgrading its perceived value to the maximum.

By hiring Uber Real Estate we can ensure that we give you the best possible outcome, which 99% of the time is greater value from your home. What is the other 1%?- sometimes clients need a fast sale or one which won’t impact on their life through multiple open homes. Whatever your best possible outcome – when it comes to making this happen within the real estate market of Whangarei, we believe we are the best to contract to make sure it happens. 

If you’re determined to sell your home, now is not the time to be swayed by fixed price ‘cheap’ alternatives. A certain investment is required to make the house presentable and appealing to buyers. But equally now is not the time to choose a Real Estate Agent who has spent your money marketing themselves as opposed to your home. You know the ones. Also you don’t want one where the marketing of your property is an extra. Whilst an investment is required by your to choose a good real estate agent in Whangarei, equally there is a requirement by your Real Estate Agent to invest in your property. This is one of the things Whangarei Real Estate Agency Uber Real Estate does – invests in your property.

In order to prepare your house for a sale, here are some services you should not skimp on:

Don't hesitate to enlist a real estate agent.

They know the ins and outs of selling your type of property in your particular area. People hire real estate firms for the simple reason that there are complicated legal facts and processes involved in selling a home and if you don’t have the time to learn the ropes, you might end up selling your house at a lower value than you expected.

Uber Real Estate are very much used to selling residential and commercial properties. It is in your best interest to have them assess the property with their expert eye. By analysing the best features of the home, a Whangarei Uber Real Estate Agent can showcase these house qualities as a selling point.

Hire a skilled photographer.

Selling a home is like selling a dream. You want good photos of your home in the listings, and more importantly, you want people to emotionally invest in the house, much better if this happens at first sight.

Let a repairman come over to fix that leaky tap.

You can’t turn over a home inundated with problems, at best it will devalue your home, at worst withholding vital information about the state of the property could land you in hot water.. Make all these long-overdue repairs happen so you can sell the house properly. Repairs can range from roof gutters, fences, broken window frames, closet doors, and hinges. Small repairs can add serious dollars on your sale price.

A cleaner is a must.

Rare is the buyer who can look beyond the clutter or mess and see the true beauty of your home. To make a good impression, have your house cleaned, and make sure it’s spotless and clutter-free. Remember, you are selling a viable home, a dream, a lifestyle.

Make the most out of your home presentations and viewing by taking the time to prepare your house for the selling period.

All these home prep strategies will work to your advantage and even upgrade the sale price of your home.

Uber Real Estate Whangarei are locally owned Whangarei Real Estate specialists. They know the local market and have a wealth of experience. When it comes to Real Estate in Whangarei – the only choice you need is Uber Real Estate.