City-living At Its Best In Whangarei, Where Nature Marries Modern Convenience


Discerning travellers often have a taste for either fine urban-living or the pristine countryside lifestyle in the middle of picturesque landscapes of beaches or mountainsides. It is quite a challenge though, to land on locations that cater to both of travellers’ desires—experiencing the modernity and convenience of a top-class city life while keeping strong grip to nature’s best.

When you look up for the best places in New Zealand to visit, travel to, or live, the city of Whangarei wouldn’t be the first one to come up. Ironically, this actually makes it a better place to go to, especially for those who seek their own piece of respite away from the hustle and bustle of the most visited cities across the country.

The city of Whangarei may be underrated, but it provides the utmost relaxation residents never thought they needed. It is a small yet attractive city in Northland that is made vibrantly alive by its rich culture, colourful arts and galleries, and scenic locations.  With its pristine environment and lush tourist spots, it is the perfect vacation getaway for your next trip, or maybe even for your next home. Whangarei is truly an ideal place for all lifestyle choices and for all recreation options you have in mind.

The city is replete with varying and astonishing tourist spots that are all enclosed together within walking distance or short drives. From the glorious Mount Parihaka, Whangarei’s famous waterfalls, a marina rife with restaurants, to art museums that showcase the city’s rich heritage, and to verdant parks bristled with grassed areas for picnics, running out of things to do in Whangarei is merely out of the question.

Generally, Whangarei offers a different kind of city-living—tranquil and away from the busy rat race of the bigger districts, yet remains a mere 2 hour drive from Auckland, the country’s largest urban area. Living in Whangarei makes a peaceful lifestyle still accessible to the main hubs of business, corporate, education, and recreation.

For big cities like Auckland, homeownership and rentals are less affordable, which is common for cities across New Zealand. However, living in Whangarei district gives the ability to live inside a close-knit and beautiful city while staying close to New Zealand’s most vital areas for growth. A sure investment property dream.

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