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The property market is a multi-billion dollar industry that hardly shows any signs of waning.

It’s a resilient and booming industry and of course, crowded in some places with buyers, sellers or just Real Estate Agents.

In such a tough and competitive industry, what qualities should you look for in your real estate agent? What attributes  make them stand out from the rest?

Here are five distinct qualities that are essential when looking for a Real Estate Agent in Whangarei:

Knows What’s Current

The real estate industry is always a fast-paced ever changing market. Nothing stays constant, everything is in flux. A good real estate agent stays up-to-date with the latest news, local planning changes, council compliances rules and trends. Nothing gets past them. Being on top of things enables a real estate agent to be great service to their buyers and sellers more effectively.

Keeps Communication Lines Open

A hard to reach Estate Agent Salesperson that is never up front with information is a source of anxiety for most. Selling a home or property is a huge decision, hence  most clients want a real estate agent that keeps them in the loop. A real estate agent that checks in with their client regularly and keeps them informed is a sign of a good agent.

Builds Strong Networks

When it comes to real estate, reputation is everything. A successful real estate agent should have a huge network of contacts which usually include other agents, brokers and potential buyers and sellers. Having and maintaining these relationships is essential for an expert real estate agent. Expert real estate agents build and maintain trust by offering above average services and keeping the status quo. The moment your service becomes mediocre or obviously self-serving, you as a client should take notice, and consider finding another Real Estate Agent or Salesperson.

Learning is a Constant Challenge

A good real estate agent knows that great output equals great input, and is willing to invest their time and energy to achieving great results.

It’s more than the money

Client satisfaction is always the end goal of a good real estate agent. Making and completing a sale is always nice, but having a satisfied client thank you for their dream house or property is even better. Good real estate agents realise personal career fulfillment comes in securing the best value for their clients. Every client comes in with a unique set of needs; hence a good agent knows to treat each client differently.


We hope this helps you find the right real estate agent and salesperson for your needs. Always remember that a good agent is defined by their work ethic, and their willingness to invest their time and effort for you.

At Uber Real Estate, we’re all about looking after our clients, and our door is always open. So if you are looking to sell in Auckland and Whangarei, do it through Uber Real Estate NZ. Call us 022 045 3613

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